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Imagine your new Pixel Bound website is all set up. It looks great, it performs seamlessly, it’s easy to use and intuitive to manage. The full package, right? Well, not exactly. A winning website needs great content to draw visitors in and keep them engaged. If you’re stuck for words or short on time, our custom copywriting service can help.
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Time, Energy, Expertise

Really good website copy is challenging to produce. It needs to be compelling, convincing your visitors to buy whatever it is – products, services, advice – that you have to sell. It needs to be updated regularly to keep your site riding high in the search rankings. And the right combination of keywords will turbocharge your website’s SEO performance, enabling you to reach a far larger number of potential clients. If this all sounds daunting, don’t worry. Pixel Bound can work with you to create clean, effective custom content that’s a pleasure to read – and an asset to your SEO strategy.


Perfectly Personal Prose

Outsourced web content needn’t be bland and impersonal. Our expert copywriters will consult closely with you to understand your business, your brand and your values. We’ll turn the raw information you supply into clear prose with a distinct, appealing voice. We’ll listen to your suggestions and ask for your feedback. And all the content we create for you will be carefully edited and proofread to ensure that we deliver a flawless final product.

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What we use

When maintaining websites and supporting our clients, we use these professional tools and technologies…

  • Google trends
  • Google analytics
  • Grammarly
  • Copyscape
  • Google workspace

"Ben and his team have built us a new website which we are thrilled with. Throughout this process they have guided and explained every step. The ideas they contributed have been well thought out and imaginative."

Elaine Smith - Account Manager, Graffiti Design

Latest work

Some recent projects we’ve worked on...

Just kitchen doors thumbnail

Just Kitchen Doors

A website redesign and a move to WordPress for more complex e-commerce needs

Pro extract co thumbnail

Pro Extract Co.

Avant-garde design and intuitive e-commerce for a luxury startup


Here’s some questions we get asked frequently about our copywriting service

How much does copywriting for my website cost?

This depends on the amount of words you require overall for your website. Our copywriters will base the word count on the signed off mockups for your new website and will accommodate text to fit. Our copywriters can also provide one-off copy, for example for a new service or product that has been added to your site, or can be used on a regular basis for creating new blog posts. Let us know your copywriting requirements and we can provide you with a quote.

What is the benefit of having a copywriter write my website copy?

Professionally written copy for your website will be written in a way that is clear, relevant, informative and convincing, whilst also portraying your business, services or products in the best way to engage your audience. Our copywriters will also proofread all your copy to make sure it all makes perfect grammatical sense, with no spelling mistakes. Using our copywriting services will also save you the time and hassle of having to produce the copy for your website yourself, so you will have more time to get on with your business.

Will copywriting help improve my SEO?

Having our professional copywriters create the copy for your website will definitely help to improve your SEO. They are experienced with SEO so will include the right amount of keyword combinations relevant for your business within your copy to boost your SEO performance.

I want a blog on my website, can you help write my posts?

Yes, our copywriters can create regular, relevant blog posts for your website that are engaging, on topic and useful. They can write a number of posts per month at a set word count; let us know what you require and we can work out a blog post copywriting plan.