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Website Optimisation

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow, sticky website. And the slower and stickier your website becomes, the more potential customers you risk losing. Website optimisation is part of our web development process, but it’s a service we offer for anyone who needs it. The robust, tried-and-tested Pixel Bound optimisation process will maximise page speed and minimise loading time, helping your website stay ahead of the competition.
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Built for Speed

If you’ve commissioned your website from us, good news! Every Pixel Bound website is streamlined at the development phase for ultra-fast content delivery. We also optimise all images uploaded to your site for the best web performance. We don’t sign off on a project until we’ve personally tested it across all current browsers and devices. We’ll ensure that it loads and runs as smoothly and seamlessly as it possibly can. That’s our commitment, and we can back it up with comprehensive, ongoing service and support.

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Time for a Tune-Up?

If you’re already a website owner and you’re having problems with page speed, don’t despair. Pixel Bound will analyse your site’s speed to produce a detailed report. From that, we’ll identify and advise on the areas that need optimisation. Then we’ll carry out all the necessary changes to your website so that it returns to top speed, providing advice and support to keep it running seamlessly. And if you decide to host your site with Pixel Bound, our super-fast and efficient dedicated cloud server will keep your website’s speed improving without any intervention.

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What we use

When optimising websites, we use these professional tools, technologies and plugins…

  • Cloudways
  • Google lighthouse
  • Google
  • Imagify
  • Github

"Ben & Faye at Pixel Bound did an amazing job on our e-commerce website design and build and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional website or logo design. Highly professional from start to finish and great communication throughout, I was impressed by the whole process."

Rob Hartley - Owner, Antique Furniture Direct

Latest work

Some recent projects we’ve worked on...

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Just Kitchen Doors

A website redesign and a move to WordPress for more complex e-commerce needs

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Pro Extract Co.

Avant-garde design and intuitive e-commerce for a luxury startup


Here’s some questions we get asked frequently about our website optimisation service

What is meant by website optimisation?

Website optimisation or website performance refers to the process and tools used to improve a website’s page loading speed in the browser, as well as mobile usability, resulting in a better user experience.

Can you help optimise my current website?

Sure, whether or not you have a website Pixel Bound have designed and built for you, we can help optimise your website. We will perform a page speed test and a mobile usability test on your website, and from this we can work out where performance enhancements can be made.

Why is optimisation important?

If your website has not been optimised it will likely run slow in the browser and will leave users feeling rather frustrated and could drive potential customers away. A website that has a fast page speed is much more likely to keep a user engaged for longer and increase their loyalty to your business. With so many people using their mobiles nowadays to browse the web, it is important that your website performs equally well on mobile as it does on a desktop. An optimised website will also appear higher in Google over a website with a low page speed.

My website is slow, will optimisation help?

Yes, optimising your website will help to improve your page loading time. From doing a page speed test we can find out what is causing the site to run slow and make the necessary adjustments to speed up your website.

Will performance optimisation help me be found in search engines?

Website performance optimisation is not the same as search engine optimisation, this is a whole other expertise. Website performance optimisation will help to contribute to a higher ranking in Google but it will not necessarily guarantee a high ranking. This will be more down to your content and how relatable it is to the terms being searched for.

How much does it cost to optimise my website?

If you are looking for us to optimise your existing website, we can perform a test on your site to determine where needs improving. From there we can work out whether this will be a one off optimisation or if you require our ongoing maintenance and / or hosting plans to continue improved optimisation.